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Understanding Scott Listings

1.  Illustration Number:
  • Each illustration is identified with a number.
  • Normally the lowest value stamp of a SET  is illustrated.
  • As a rule illustrations are 70% of actual size
  • Following the illustration may be a more detailed explanation of the stamp or stamps within the set.
2.  Basic Information:
  • Head of the stamp listing
  • Includes:
    • Date of issue
    • Printing Method
    • Perforation
    • Watermark
3.  Stamp Listings:
  • Each stamp is detailed by the following info:
    • Scott Number
    • Illustration Number
    • Denomination
    • Color
    • Unused Value
    • Used Value


The Scott Listing

1.  Scott Numbers:
  • Scott Numbers identify specific stamps.
  • Each stamp listed from a country has a unique Scott Number.
  • Capital letters "A", "B" are sometimes used to fit stamps in the proper order.
  • Stamps are listed chronologically unless part of a set. SETS  are listed together.
2.  Illustration Number:
  • References the illustration with the same number
  • Illustration generally depicts the lowest value in a set
3. Denomination:
  • Face value of the stamp
  • Denominations in parenthesis are not shown on the stamp.
4. Color (and/or other description):
  • Color Abbreviations
  • Sometimes a further description
  • A number in parenthesis ('42), is the year the stamp was released.
Catalogue Values:
  • Unless stated otherwise value are for grade Very Fine VF
  • Unused (Left Value)
    • MINT: Stamps not used for mail
    • GUM: Full original gum, (Pre 1900 most gum).  Stamps issued without gum are noted.
    • UNHINGED: Unless noted otherwise stamp
  • Used (Right Value)
    • USED: Used for postal mailing.
    • ON COVER: Some issues have a higher value as postally used.  These may be noted on cover, with contemporaneous postmark.